Updated September 16, 2015              Newest paintings appear first.

Some Works from 2015

What am I up to?

In January I started my mural projects in the schools and finished the last school in Rouyn-Noranda in May. This year I travelled to Escuminac, Quebec and Montreal, Gatineau and Namur. See This Year's Murals at the bottom of this page or all of my murals on my Mural Homepage.

I had an exhibition "Balance" at Café 349 in Shawville, Quebec from January 26 until February 22.

The Câmara de Vereadores de Piracicaba displayed reproductions of 41 of my Brazilian and Carnival paintings in their Hall de Exposições in São Paulo, Brazil to celebrate Carnival from February 5 to 27. The exhibition is called "Imaginando o Brasil".

I moved to Montreal in June so did not participate in the Pontiac Artists' Studio Tour. When I am comfortably moved into Montreal, I plan on a busy exhibition schedule, and will keep everyone informed about my activities.

We have moved into a very nice apartment where I am able to display my paintings well, and have a exciting new studio to create in. I'm looking forward to settling in. If you would like to stop by and see what I am up to, I would love to show you.

I have also been doing paintings digitally using a tablet, and am impressed by what is possible. Follow me on Facebook and Fine Art America.


Mirando la flor

Mirando la flor                                   2015
Acrylic on paper / Acrylique sur papier     20" × 16" (51 cm × 40 cm)


Testing the Waters

Testing the Waters                                                        2015
Acrylic on paper / Acrylique sur papier     16" × 20" (40 cm × 51 cm)


Flor particular

Flor particular                                             2015
Acrylic on paper / Acrylique sur papier     20" × 16" (51 cm × 40 cm)


Centered Muse

Centered Muse                                   2015
Acrylic on paper / Acrylique sur papier     20" × 16" (51 cm × 40 cm)


Estrela Solta

Estrela Solta                                                                  2015
Acrylic on paper / Acrylique sur papier     16" × 20" (40 cm × 51 cm)


Visão das flores

Visão das flores                                                 2015
Acrylic on paper / Acrylique sur papier     16" × 20" (40 cm × 51 cm)


The Solar Journey

The Solar Journey                                                 2015
Acrylic on paper / Acrylique sur papier     16" × 20" (40 cm × 51 cm)



Presence                                        2015
Acrylic on paper / Acrylique sur papier     20" × 16" (51 cm × 40 cm)


Fox and Birds 2

Fox and Birds 2                             2015
Digital / Numerique     
            2448 X 3264 pixels


Man In Nature

Man In Nature                               2015
Digital / Numerique     
            2448 X 3264 pixels



Destinations                                                       2015
Digital / Numerique    
                                     2800 X 2044 pixels


Dancers in the Light

Dancers in the Light                                                   2015
Digital / Numerique     
                                    3264 X 2448 pixels


Redwing Blackbird Sunrise

Redwing Blackbird Sunrise                                2015
Digital / Numerique    
                                     2378 X 1790 pixels


I want To Live In Freedom

I want To Live In Freedom                               2015
Digital / Numerique     
                                    3264 X 2448 pixels


The Guests

The Guests                                                         2015
Digital / Numerique     
                                    3264 X 2448 pixels


Tropical Magic 2

Tropical Magic 2                                                 2015
Digital / Numerique     
                                     2484 X 1983 pixels


Chariot of Song

Chariot of Song                                                 2015
Digital / Numerique     
                                    2498 X 1998 pixels


Still Life With Clouds

Still Life With Clouds                                               2015
Digital / Numerique     
                                    3264 X 2376 pixels



Bowling                                                              2015
Digital / Numerique     
                                      2448 X 2448 pixels


Sunrise at the Harbour

Sunrise at the Harbour                                               2015
Digital / Numerique     
                                    2770 X 2176 pixels


Sereias e Pescador

Sereias e Pescador                                               2015
Digital / Numerique    
                     2448 X 1836 pixels


The Romantic Hero

The Romantic Hero                                          2015
Watercolour on paper and Digital / Aquarelle sur papier et Numerique    3076 X 2448 pixels


Wild Dancers

Wild Dancers                                                    2015
Digital / Numerique                                       3264 X 2448 pixels


On Top of the World

On Top of the World                                          2015
Digital / Numerique                                           3264 X 2448 pixels


Everything Cats Like

Everything Cats Like                                         2015
Digital / Numerique                                          3264 X 2448 pixels


2015 Murals


Noranda School

Noranda School
"The World of Books"

Noranda School, Rouyn-Noranda, Québec                       May 6, 2015

On May 4, 5, 6, 2015, I worked on a mural project at Noranda School.

The title of the project was "The World of Books" and the mural was done in the school library.

The students chose their favourite book characters to illustrate the theme.

I'm proud of their achievement. Bravo!

Marcio Melo



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École primaire Saint-Rémi

Parkdale Elementary
"Á Saint-Rémi on aime les livres"

École primaire Saint-Rémi, Montréal-Nord, Québec                       16 avril 2015

Les 14, 15 et 16 avril 2015, j'était invité a faire une murale à l'école Saint-Remi, Montréal-Nord.

Le thème de cette murale était "Á Saint-Rémi on aime les livres" et l'activité était réalisé a la bibliothèque.

Les élèves on très bien réussi a créer des images joyeuses pour célébrer l'importance du thème.

Bravo à touts!





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Parkview Elementary School

Parkdale Elementary
"Peace Train"

Parkview Elementary School, Granby, Québec                       April 4, 2015

On April 8, 9 and 10, 2015, I worked on a mural project at Parkview Elementary School in Granby.

The theme was "Peace" and I created a background resembling a train inspired by Cat Stevens' song, "Peace Train".

The students filled this background with truly inspiring images and Cat Stevens' song was used in the video. I'm very pleased with the result!

Bravo to all participants.

Marcio Melo

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Hadley Junior High School

Hadley Junior High School
"Looking Back - Looking Forward"

Hadley Junior High School, Gatineau, Québec                       March 26, 2015

On March 24, 25 and 26, 2015 I worked on a mural project at Hadley Junior High School in Gatineau.

The theme was "Looking Back - Looking Forward".

I created a series of pages as if taken from a diary or sketch book as a background to represent the past, and falling stars to symbolize the future.

The song "Time Warp" from The Rocky Horror Picture Show was used in this video and I'm pleased with the result.

Bravo to all students!

Marcio Melo

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École Jean-Nicolet

École Jean-Nicolet
"Vers le Pacifique"

École Jean-Nicolet, Montréal-Nord, Québec                       18 mars 2015

Les 16, 17 et 18 mai 2015, je travaillais sur un projet de peinture murale à l'école Jean-Nicolet à Montréal.

Le thème était « Vers le Pacifique ».

J'ai créé un fond de fleurs et d'oiseaux comme inspiration pour le theme de La Paix. C'était la première fois que ces jeunes artistes ont dessiner avec un marqueur noir sur un mur. Le résultat est magnifique!

Bravo à tous ces jeunes artistes,

Marcio Melo

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Parkdale Elementary School

Parkdale Elementary   Parkdale Elementary
"The Art of Reading"

Parkdale Elementary School, Ville-Saint-Laurent, Québec                       March 13, 2015

On March 11, 12 and 13th, 2015, I worked on a mural project at Parkdale Elementary School in Montreal.

I created a background of book covers and pages to illustrate the theme of Reading.

I decided to use the song "Livros" (Books) from Brazilian composer Caetano Veloso. It's the only song I know that speaks directly about reading in a very poetic way, saying "Reading is responsible for the expansion of the Universe" amongst other beautiful verses.

Bravo to all students and art teacher Karolyn Liverman for this beautiful realization. Karolyn is responsible for infusing this piece with great attention to details.

Marcio Melo




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Escuminac Intermediate School

Escuminac Intermediate School
"We All Play Together"

Escuminac Intermediate School, Escuminac, Québec                       January 14, 2015

On January 12, 13 and 14 I worked on a mural project at Escuminac Intermediate School in Escuminac, Quebec.

The theme of this project was "We All Play Together" and all the school's students
and teachers took part on it. This school is like a large family and it was a pleasure to witness their reactions to each other's creations.

The result is wonderful!

Bravo to all the participants!!

Marcio Melo

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